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2-Row Brewers Malt, Great Western, 1 ounce


 Product Description

ATTN: All grains are now sold by the OUNCE instead of by the pound. E.g. a quantity of "2" indicates 2 oz. An order of "3lb and 5oz" would be input as a quantity of "53".

This (slightly annoying) change will allow our online store to link to our brick-and-mortar inventory data and update in real time, which we hope will make it worth your while! This way, our website will show when a product is low or out of stock, so we don't have to call and disappoint you after you've already placed your order.

Our previous setup that allowed the options of lbs and oz on the same product was created by a useful but ugly workaround on the back end. Unfortunately, our e-Commerce platform's inventory tracking does not allow for multiple units of measure for the same SKU and also does not allow for decimals. This means that we have to track each product by the smallest quantity in which it is sold - in the case of grains, this means tracking in oz. 

Here is a table to help with your conversion:

1lb = 16oz
2lb = 32oz
3lb = 48oz
4lb = 64oz
5lb = 80oz
6lb = 96oz
7lb = 112oz
8lb = 128oz
9lb = 144oz
10lb = 160oz

We welcome your feedback and appreciate your understanding!

Our most popular base malt, perfect for all beer styles, especially American ales and lagers. With moderate protein and enzyme levels and a very clean, smooth finish, our Premium 2-Row Malt is ideal for all-malt beers and for mashes containing moderate levels of adjunct.

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